Harry Potter Is Overrated


As of February 2014, book series, Harry Potter, had sold over 450 million copies. JK Rowling previously became the first billionaire to make their earnings from writing books, a status which she has has now lost due to charitable given and high tax rates. The series was also turned into a block buster movie series, which made Warner Bros. nearly 10 billion dollars.

Take a look at the above. Harry Potter was, and still is an immensely popular series. So, curious to see what all the fuss was about, two years ago I took a read of the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I suppose it was good, but I just couldn’t see what the massive fuss was about. I carried on reading the series. Next up was The Chamber Of Secrets, a book which I struggled to read to the end of because it was so dull. The furthest I’ve ever got into Harry Potter was the third book, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Askaban. I found this one so boring that I could only make it a few chapters before I had had enough! I gave them another try a few months ago, and I got bored by the time I had finished book 2!

I haven’t got a clue what the rest of the world so amazing about the Harry Potter series. There are loads of great books set in the magical world that deserve much more attention than they get. I have no idea how Harry Potter got so popular either. No idea.

Did you enjoy Harry Potter? Leave a comment below



My Experience of #Eclipse2015

Annular eclipse at sunset

For the first time since 1999, the UK was plunged into darkness this morning as a partial eclipse left millions in astonishment. At least 83% of the eclipse was visible to the whole country (if they were lucky enough to have clear skies) and the people of Faroe Islands even had a chance to see the full eclipse!!

It all started at 8:45, as children from across the country made their way to school. The media had expressed the importance of putting safety into consideration, and to not look directly at the sun. People from around the country were getting ready to view the rare sight. It was time!

At 9:00 AM Professor Brian Cox and Dara Ó Briain presented a special edition of Stargazing Live on BBC 1. This included live coverage of the eclipse, from first sight to the very end.

In half an hour the eclipse was at its position for sightseeing. Unlike many other people who got the morning off, I was in school at the time, however, for the occasion was allowed out onto the playground to see if we could spot anything. Let’s just say it was disappointing. As predicted, the cloudy weather blocked my town’s view of the solar eclipse. It was interesting to see how dull and cold it got outside once the eclipse started, so much so that I could see my breath while it lasted. The school’s hamster also came out to play, probably because the lighting tricked him into thinking it was night time.

By 11:00 it was all over. The lighting was back to usual, and it began to warm up. One thing that was really annoying was that at lunch time break the clouds had cleared and the sun was out! Typical British weather!

Did you get a good view of the eclipse? What was your experience? I’d love to read some comments below! 🙂


The Future… (PART 1)

Businessman touching lines of lightThe future… From what I’ve read, it’s not as amazing as we all think (unless you want your city flooded). 🙂 Yep, sure, there’s going to be some hugely exciting things coming to this world soon, but life’s not just being rapped up in cotton wool. For example, we start making holograms. Everyone’s going crazy to get their hands on the new tech, only to find out that global warming has burnt out their expensive, sparkling new hologram (LOGIC!!) and Apple goes out of business giving out so many refunds. Not good. Well I’ve compiled the pros that the future could possibly bring, giving my opinions and thoughts. Happy about that? Well you’re reading anyway, so…



How far we’ve came with technology in the past fifty years is mind-blowing. From the invention of the first desktop computer in 1968, to smart phones in the modern day, it’s amazing how much we’ve learnt! The thing that’s worrying though is that technology could well go too far. Perhaps we may one day invent a robot that can do anything you could ever imagine, brush your teeth in the morning, make a sandwich, or even take you on a fly to the moon! Robots could help us in so many ways, we just have to invent them first!


I don’t really know how to explain this one very well, as I’m not a nurse, or a doctor. However, I believe that in the future we could completely stamp out illness. Forget finding a cure for cancer alone, everything would be prevented before it catches on. Again, we’ve come a long way in the medical world in recent times, and if we keep going at this fast pace, then it won’t be long until the world will be almost entirely illness free.

Space exploration

The future of that dark, dare, never ending place we call “space” looks pretty promising too! We’ve already discovered that there’s water on Mars, and if we keep looking, then I’m sure we’re bound to find life soon too! We can’t be the only life out there, and I’m pretty excited to see what we’ll find out there!

Animal rights

It seems like us stupid humans are finally realising that our friends are just as important as ourselves! Maybe one day we could live in a world where thousands of dogs aren’t abandoned each year, or them poor chickens who spend their life in a squashed up barn only to be killed and end up on our plate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and of course, please stay tuned for part 2 (cons that the future will bring).


The Truth About Essex

In recent years, reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex has gave the world a bad view on Essex. People of Essex are now stereotyped as being dumb, annoying, and to have only two words in their vocabulary. Shut and up. This is a great example to show how powerful the media, how it has control over what we think and do. Well I’d like to prove the world wrong. I’ve lived in Essex for more than three years ago now, and I can tell you that the people of this county can say a lot more than two words! Everyone knows how to tell the time, and everyone can say a lot more than two words.

The truth is that most of the people here are exceptionly friendly! Although you get the odd wannabe TOWIE people, all others are just ordinary people just like anyone else.

I have previously lived in Cumbria, but I still think I would stay here over choice. Yes, it’s lovely to be surrounded by countryside and silence, but it’s also to meet new people, or visit the many shops and restaurants in town, for example. In my town, a beautiful river runs through right next to a cycling path and tons of nature and trees. It’s a great walk for the weekends, or just as a walk home from school at the end of the day.

I’ve took many photos down the walk which you can find on my Instagram page, @hayden_cooper123. Here are just a few…



Thanks for reading, and don’t believe everything you hear!


Fling App Review

Recently, Twitter has been going mad about a strange (and addictive!) app named Fling. Similar to Snapchat, users are to take and receive messages dubbed as “flings.” Each message will be sent to fifty other Fling users from around the world, and if they like it, they will reply.

I downloaded the app two days ago after I heard about it on Twitter and I’m already addicted!! There’s something exciting about the concept of sending a message to 50 random people around. You could get a reply back from anyone, and it’s great to be able to talk to anyone from anywhere in the world, and to not only talk to the people you talk to every day.


The Fling messaging system is easy to use. (Android)


Once a message is sent, Fling lets you know on the map where the fifty people who recieved the message are located.


You can either take a photo or write a message for your fling.

Fling is available on iOS and Android, unlike some app’s which seem to forget about Android, or leave some extra features out.

Even if it is similar to Snapchat, I still love it, and… wait, let me check my phone, I just got a fling!

Awarded 4/5 for being addictive, but a great way to meet new people. 🙂


The Depressing Superbowl Commercial That Went Viral Online

It’s that time of the year again when the Americans go crazy over a bag of air. The Superbowl has recently took over Twitter and American television.

Now being British, I had no idea what the Superbowl is until lately. I don’t know, maybe I just assumed that the name “Superbowl” literally meant a super bowl. Saying that, I still don’t really know that much about it, except that it’s a massive American Football tournament that’s extremely overrated.

Advertisers will pay millions of dollars to get into the ad breaks of one of the most popular TV programme around. Advertisers including Nationwide, the insurance company, who payed over 4.5 million dollars for their fourty five second slot.

The ad is certainly one of the most depressing I’ve ever saw. You could say it’s unique and sparks a massive conversation, or you could say that it’s miserable and destroyed poor America’s fun.

Basically, the advert is about a boy who discusses all the thing’s he CAN’T look forward to in his life (get married, explore the world, etc) because he died in a household accident. How uplifting!


“I’ll never learn to ride a bike,” the boy says in a miserable voice. “Or get the cooties. I’ll never learn to fly.” (Yeah, like he would anyway.) “Or travel the world with my best friend. And I won’t EVER get married!” Okay, now we’re getting onto the big shocker, as the boy stairs into the camera with a frown; “I couldn’t grow up because I died from an accident.” Lovely! The video shows a number of scenes recreating these “accidents,” including an overflowing bath tub and a smashed TV that somehow seems to have fell onto the floor, killing a child in the process. 🙂

I said above that I don’t know anything much about the Superbowl, but I know it’s a happy, exciting time over the pond. I mean, if Nationwide wanted their ad to fit in with the theme of the programme, they could’ve always paid for it to be in the ad breaks of a murder mystery, but instead they chose to take away the excitement of millions of people. I’m not sure that’s how advertisements are meant to work.

What do you think about this advertisement? Is it a depressing mess or a great way to raise awareness on child safety? Leave a comment below, I’d love to read them!!


The Selfie Rant

My try at a "selfie."

My try at taking a selfie.

For years now, social media has been covered with millions of self portraits known as “selfies.” Often, Instagram pages can be nothing but a collection of these annoying photos. Your news feed is now spammed with selfies, and the problem is getting out of hand.

People take selfies in almost any situation. At the restaurant, on their way home from school, or when they’re bored and have nothing better to do.

People are now even buying selfie sticks to get more into their photo. The Chainsmokers, in early 2014, released a rather catchy song named “#Selfie.” It earned over 300k views on YouTube, and peaked at number eleven on the UK charts. The most popular genre of photo is now the selfie.

The typical selfie looks like it has been captured with a potato, as they are usually taken with the front facing camera of a smart phone (which are usually significantly less quality than the back facing one). They say that the correct filter (Which can be found by tapping the edit button on your desired photo) can perfect any photo, which is probably why almost every selfie has one. They can change the look and feel of almost any photo, warmer or colder, darker or lighter.

It’s gotten to the stage where it’s just not cool to have your photo taken by someone else. What family would need a professional photographer when it can now all be done in the back garden with your phone and a metal pole.

So with all this fuss over selfies, I thought I would have a go myself. I used a metal pole I found in my room, elastic bands and a lollypop stick to make my own selfie stick. I went out into public and tried out my creation. It was, let’s say, awkward. Whenever I was about to take the photo, I suddenly became self conscious and looked around me to see if anyone was looking. Taking photos in public takes a lot of courage. 😂


However, after saying all this, I think I could finally be understanding this whole selfie thing. Once I took one photo with my selfie stick, I couldn’t stop! I too now have hundreds of selfies stored on my phone, and I find it really exciting deciding where my next selfie will be, and what will will be in it.


How To Be A Teenager In 6 Simple Steps…

Doesn’t it get really annoying when you see teens stumbling through the streets of town, hanging around in the children’s play park, and playing the game, “who can litter the most?” For my first post, I’ve compiled six things that almost every teen will do on a day to day basis. Am I kind, or am I kind?

1. Whenever possible, stay away from all members of the family.

If you want to be the cool dude, then it’s important that you avoid all family, and spend every day out with your other ignorant teen friends.  Spend your life either in your room, in the bathroom (everyone, including teens, need to go sometimes) or walking the streets of town. The only exception to this rule is if you want something, in which case you must politely request your desired amount of money from a parent, and stroll of to the corner shop with a grunt.

2. Fill your phone’s storage up with selfies.

It’s important that you stay trendy, and what’s the trendiest thing out there right now? The selfie! It’s a great way to keep your memories of watching Saturday night television, using the toilet, and being bored. Take a selfie everywhere, until you have no more room left on your phone to store anything else. When in public, never ask a stranger to take your photo, that’s just not cool. Instead, (despite feeling uncomfortable, looking around for people who may be watching you) take a selfie.

3. Go litter crazy!

Who even cares about the environment? All it is is the place that we will live the rest of our life in, so what’s so important about that? Because you’re a lazy teenager you automatically have permission to ruin the environment. A few metres is WAY too far for ANYONE to walk, never mind some teenager who should be having an active lifestyle. You could die of a heart attack, better safe than sorry. 👍

4. Get a super expensive phone and ruin it.

These days, all the kids have an iPhone. In order to complete step number two, you must own a phone. Beg your parents for the most expensive you can get, the more money spent, the more popular you will be. It is also extremely important that within two days of usage, smash the screen. That way everyone will notice your sparkling, new, expensive phone.

5. Hang around town.

You never grow too old for the children’s play park! After school, walk straight to the park without telling your parents, and play on the swings with your friends. xD Be sure to shout loudly in everything you say, and also use the following step when out and about;

6. Swear. (Loudly)

Because you want to look like an adult, it is important to get into the habit of it. As I said above, scream the rude language as loud as you can to attract attention. It doesn’t matter if a little old lady happens to hear and take offence, or if a child picks up on your bad behaviour, you’re a reckless teenager who cares for nobody.

So there you have it, follow these steps to become the common teenager! Hope you enjoyed, and let me know if these tips helped you!

If you don’t get it, it’s a joke!