Fling App Review

Recently, Twitter has been going mad about a strange (and addictive!) app named Fling. Similar to Snapchat, users are to take and receive messages dubbed as “flings.” Each message will be sent to fifty other Fling users from around the world, and if they like it, they will reply.

I downloaded the app two days ago after I heard about it on Twitter and I’m already addicted!! There’s something exciting about the concept of sending a message to 50 random people around. You could get a reply back from anyone, and it’s great to be able to talk to anyone from anywhere in the world, and to not only talk to the people you talk to every day.


The Fling messaging system is easy to use. (Android)


Once a message is sent, Fling lets you know on the map where the fifty people who recieved the message are located.


You can either take a photo or write a message for your fling.

Fling is available on iOS and Android, unlike some app’s which seem to forget about Android, or leave some extra features out.

Even if it is similar to Snapchat, I still love it, and… wait, let me check my phone, I just got a fling!

Awarded 4/5 for being addictive, but a great way to meet new people. 🙂


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