The Future… (PART 1)

Businessman touching lines of lightThe future… From what I’ve read, it’s not as amazing as we all think (unless you want your city flooded). 🙂 Yep, sure, there’s going to be some hugely exciting things coming to this world soon, but life’s not just being rapped up in cotton wool. For example, we start making holograms. Everyone’s going crazy to get their hands on the new tech, only to find out that global warming has burnt out their expensive, sparkling new hologram (LOGIC!!) and Apple goes out of business giving out so many refunds. Not good. Well I’ve compiled the pros that the future could possibly bring, giving my opinions and thoughts. Happy about that? Well you’re reading anyway, so…



How far we’ve came with technology in the past fifty years is mind-blowing. From the invention of the first desktop computer in 1968, to smart phones in the modern day, it’s amazing how much we’ve learnt! The thing that’s worrying though is that technology could well go too far. Perhaps we may one day invent a robot that can do anything you could ever imagine, brush your teeth in the morning, make a sandwich, or even take you on a fly to the moon! Robots could help us in so many ways, we just have to invent them first!


I don’t really know how to explain this one very well, as I’m not a nurse, or a doctor. However, I believe that in the future we could completely stamp out illness. Forget finding a cure for cancer alone, everything would be prevented before it catches on. Again, we’ve come a long way in the medical world in recent times, and if we keep going at this fast pace, then it won’t be long until the world will be almost entirely illness free.

Space exploration

The future of that dark, dare, never ending place we call “space” looks pretty promising too! We’ve already discovered that there’s water on Mars, and if we keep looking, then I’m sure we’re bound to find life soon too! We can’t be the only life out there, and I’m pretty excited to see what we’ll find out there!

Animal rights

It seems like us stupid humans are finally realising that our friends are just as important as ourselves! Maybe one day we could live in a world where thousands of dogs aren’t abandoned each year, or them poor chickens who spend their life in a squashed up barn only to be killed and end up on our plate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and of course, please stay tuned for part 2 (cons that the future will bring).