The Selfie Rant

My try at a "selfie."

My try at taking a selfie.

For years now, social media has been covered with millions of self portraits known as “selfies.” Often, Instagram pages can be nothing but a collection of these annoying photos. Your news feed is now spammed with selfies, and the problem is getting out of hand.

People take selfies in almost any situation. At the restaurant, on their way home from school, or when they’re bored and have nothing better to do.

People are now even buying selfie sticks to get more into their photo. The Chainsmokers, in early 2014, released a rather catchy song named “#Selfie.” It earned over 300k views on YouTube, and peaked at number eleven on the UK charts. The most popular genre of photo is now the selfie.

The typical selfie looks like it has been captured with a potato, as they are usually taken with the front facing camera of a smart phone (which are usually significantly less quality than the back facing one). They say that the correct filter (Which can be found by tapping the edit button on your desired photo) can perfect any photo, which is probably why almost every selfie has one. They can change the look and feel of almost any photo, warmer or colder, darker or lighter.

It’s gotten to the stage where it’s just not cool to have your photo taken by someone else. What family would need a professional photographer when it can now all be done in the back garden with your phone and a metal pole.

So with all this fuss over selfies, I thought I would have a go myself. I used a metal pole I found in my room, elastic bands and a lollypop stick to make my own selfie stick. I went out into public and tried out my creation. It was, let’s say, awkward. Whenever I was about to take the photo, I suddenly became self conscious and looked around me to see if anyone was looking. Taking photos in public takes a lot of courage. 😂


However, after saying all this, I think I could finally be understanding this whole selfie thing. Once I took one photo with my selfie stick, I couldn’t stop! I too now have hundreds of selfies stored on my phone, and I find it really exciting deciding where my next selfie will be, and what will will be in it.


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