My Experience of #Eclipse2015

Annular eclipse at sunset

For the first time since 1999, the UK was plunged into darkness this morning as a partial eclipse left millions in astonishment. At least 83% of the eclipse was visible to the whole country (if they were lucky enough to have clear skies) and the people of Faroe Islands even had a chance to see the full eclipse!!

It all started at 8:45, as children from across the country made their way to school. The media had expressed the importance of putting safety into consideration, and to not look directly at the sun. People from around the country were getting ready to view the rare sight. It was time!

At 9:00 AM Professor Brian Cox and Dara Γ“ Briain presented a special edition of Stargazing Live on BBC 1. This included live coverage of the eclipse, from first sight to the very end.

In half an hour the eclipse was at its position for sightseeing. Unlike many other people who got the morning off, I was in school at the time, however, for the occasion was allowed out onto the playground to see if we could spot anything. Let’s just say it was disappointing. As predicted, the cloudy weather blocked my town’s view of the solar eclipse. It was interesting to see how dull and cold it got outside once the eclipse started, so much so that I could see my breath while it lasted. The school’s hamster also came out to play, probably because the lighting tricked him into thinking it was night time.

By 11:00 it was all over. The lighting was back to usual, and it began to warm up. One thing that was really annoying was that at lunch time break the clouds had cleared and the sun was out! Typical British weather!

Did you get a good view of the eclipse? What was your experience? I’d love to read some comments below! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “My Experience of #Eclipse2015

  1. As you probably already know Hayden,I live up in Scotland,so I was meant to get the maximum view of the eclipse. Unfortunately,I live in Ayrshire,which is on the west of Scotland and I was in school at the time. So at 09:30 our class joined the P7 class to look at the eclipse. I saw a bit of it for about 30 seconds and then the stupid clouds covered it up. I would say typical British weather but since I am in Scotland,I guess it is TYPICAL SCOTTISH WEATHER!

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